Recycling is available to all residents who are eligible for municipal trash collection. Multi-unit apartment dwellings over 6 units and trailer park units are not eligible for recycling pickup. For recycling information please see your building management.

We use single stream recycling-no separating paper, plastics, etc.. Recycling materials are collected every other week on Wednesdays on your trash collection day.  View your collection week by visiting the recycling street list. Place recyclables at the curb by 7 a.m. on the morning of collection, and not before 6 p.m. on the evening prior to collection.

View the 2017-2018 Recycling Calendar 

Holiday Delays

Recycling will be delayed on weeks in which a major holiday fall on Monday through Wednesday, major holidays observed by G. Mello Disposal Corporation are:
  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Christmas Day

Weather Delays

In the event of inclement weather, collection may be delayed a day. You can check Channel 18 for delay information. Please use discretion when putting out recyclables on windy days or in bad weather. Drivers are not responsible for picking up items that blow around.


Place in paper bag to keep from blowing away and littering the streets. A plastic bag can be used but must be open and obvious that recycling material is enclosed. General rule of thumb: if you can tear it, you can recycle it. All paper must be clean. Do not include paper towels, napkins or tissues. No boxes or paper with food contaminates, raisin boxes or other heavily waxed boxes. 


  • Newspaper and inserts
  • Paperback books
  • Magazines, catalogs, and phone books
  • Junk mail
  • Paperboard (cereal boxes)
  • Corrugated cardboard (flatten to 2 foot by 2)
  • Pizza boxes - must be clean (no grease)


Remove caps, lids, and pumps. Empty contents and rinse clean. Labels may stay on. Cans and plastic containers may be flattened. Glass, metal and plastic containers can go together in the same bin.


  • Glass bottles and jars, do not include broken or other glass such as light bulbs, window or auto glass, dishes, glasses, Pyrex.
  • Aluminum, tin, and steel cans, do not include cans containing paint or hazardous material or other metal items.
  • Plastic containers numbers 1 through 7. This covers most household containers including beverage, food, laundry, cleaning, bathroom and beauty products. Do not include plastic bags, film or wraps, styrofoam, motor oil, hazardous or chemical containers.

Do Not Recycle

  • Toys
  • Plastic Bags
  • Tools
  • Kitchen Utensils or Packaging
  • Medical Supplies
  • Large Plastic Items
  • Pesticides and Herbicides
  • Motor Oil Containers
  • Solvent
  • Paint and Adhesive Containers
  • Pails (such as ice cream containers)
  • Flower Pots and Garden Plastics
  • Food Storage
  • Microwave Containers

Program Contacts

Problems with pick up should be directed to G. Mello Disposal Corporation by phone at 978-352-8581.