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Open Space Community Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey for potential uses for town owned property on Emery Street. We had an overwhelming response with over 300 completed surveys! Click to view the results of the survey

If you provided contact information, we will be in touch in May with next steps. We will also post next steps on this webpage.

GreenbeltGo! Trail app

Essex County Greenbelt has an interactive trail map app with maps of trails in Essex County. The trails in Merrimac Town Forest are included in the app! Download the app and look for Beaver Pond Reservation in the list of trail maps.

For more information and to download the app go to:


It was a beautiful spring morning for our guided walk on the Marshview Trail 

Many thanks to ecologist Tim Simmons for sharing his knowledge of the marsh habitat and for helping participants identify the many spring flowers we saw and the bird songs we heard. 

Using Cornell Ornithology Lab's Merlin app, we were able to identify the songs many birds including the American Redstart, Red-eyed vireo, Ovenbird, Great Crested Flycatcher and Red-winged blackbird to name just a few! Wildlife photographer, Ken Hilts, brought his telescopic lens to try to capture some images of these elusive birds.

Many thanks to all of you who joined us!

Volunteer Opportunities with the Open Space Committee

Become a friend to Merrimac's trails and open spaces!

The Open Space Committee is an all volunteer group. We can always use volunteers to help maintain our trails, participate in events, and help us to preserve Merrimac's open spaces. For more information and descriptions of some of the volunteer opportunities available go to: Volunteer Opportunities.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, send an email to:

Become a Junior Ecologist!

Learn about tree and bird identification, beaver habitats, animal tracking and more as you explore Merrimac's trails. Complete and submit your Activity Journals to the Open Space Committee to earn levels and prizes. For more information and to download Activity Journals and trail maps click here


Our next meeting will be held in Sargent's Hall upstairs at Town Hall on Tuesday, May 23 at 5 pm.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to Identify and help to preserve open space, recreational and trail opportunities in Merrimac. We work to increase public awareness of these open spaces to make good use of them for a wide range of activities such as, organized sports, hiking, biking, walking, birding and horseback riding.


  • Carrie Rennie, Chair
  • Lucy Abisalih, Vice Chair
  • Dawn Ackerman, Treasurer
  • Sandra Venner, Secretary
  • Mary Ann Glennon
  • Jennifer Mansfield
  • Susan Simmons

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Open Space Committee

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