Affordable Housing Board of Trustees


  • The Board meets bi-monthly on Thursday's as needed.
  • Merrimac Town Hall. 4 School Street. Merrimac, MA 01860


  • Sandra Venner, Chair
  • Colleen Fiorello
  • Laura Mailman
  • Holly Moran
  • Phil Parry
  • Dawn Young
The Affordable Housing Board of Trustees seeks input on the next 5 year plan for affordable housing in Merrimac. The Affordable Housing Board welcomes feedback on the draft goals and plan of action as to where and how to increase the availability of housing in Merrimac that meets the state standards for affordability while retaining the nature of our community.

The draft version of the goals and policies as well as copies of the slideshow that was presented at the public hearing are posted above. If you have any comments or questions regarding the proposed changes, please contact Sandra Venner at 978-346-4529 or send her an email.

Additional Documents